Saturday, December 1, 2012

December 1

He came without clamor,
He came without cash;
He came without glamour
Or making a splash;
He came without earnings,
He came without pensions,
He came without stern
Academic pretensions.

No certifications
Or any CV,
And no publications
(Heck, no Ph. D!),
He'd no elite schooling
Nor status to keep,
His only skills drooling
And nursing and sleep.

No private jetliner
(Or even a car!),
No graphics designer,
No team for P.R.,
No media releases
Or bio or pics --
Just one more kid Jesus
Born out in the sticks.

No gear for protection,
No bodyguard crew,
Not one health inspection
Or shot against flu;
No crowds to receive him,
No national fame,
And he didn't even
Have any last name.

Small in the storm's raging
And naked in chill,
An unseen war waging,
A quest to fulfill;
We looked for him flinging
His bolts from above --
He came, simply bringing
His gift to us:

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  1. Great start! Looking forward to it. Quite a challenge you've set yourself.