Saturday, December 15, 2012

For the Children of the Sandy Hook Tragedy (December 15)

Down brightly shone the morning sun
Upon a little girl and boy,
And as the day was new begun
They played and spoke of Christmas joy.

And when the clock began to chime,
In Mother came and heard them sing.
  O Mother, what is Christmastime?
And what shall Christmas morning bring?

  At Christmastime the snow gleams white;
We celebrate the Saviour's birth;
And Santa Claus on Christmas Night
Brings children toys all o'er the earth.

So ring the room with boughs of pine,
And burn the candles bright and clear,
And trim the tree with silver shine:
No evil thing may enter here.

All feel the Joy the season brings,
All sing the songs of Peace and Love --
For at fair Christmastime all things
Are well on earth, with God above.

  The little girl skipped off to play,
Each doll a Christ Child newly born;
And as she dreamt of Christmas Day
Her brother went to school that morn.

The phone rang shrill, the mother cried,
The sirens screamed in ceaseless wail;
They brought her to her brother's side;
Like ice he lay all cold and pale.

  O Mother, Mother, answer why --
What of the tales I heard you tell?
Were all the songs of Joy a lie?
Is all at Christmastime not well?

  The silence fell like heavy stones;
Then as the winter winds that blow
She heard her mother's whispered tones
That cracked and broke and murmured low.

  At Christmas many know no Love;
No Santa comes on Christmas Eve;
And that there dwells a God above
I know not if I do believe.

And some go hungry, some grow old,
And there is fear and death and pain;
Some have no mother's hand to hold;
And soon the snow may all be rain.

Then ring the room with boughs of pine,
And burn the candles bright and clear,
And trim the tree with silver shine:
Yet evil still may enter here.

The terrors lurk, the shadows prowl
Around our wreath of candlelight;
Beyond our warmth the wild winds howl;
The day is dark, and swift the night.


  1. Cristalle, I had been wondering if you were actually writing all of these tremendously carefully-crafted, passionate, thought-provoking poems right now, in this Advent . . . today I think I have my answer.

    You have a gift. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. You're welcome -- and thank you again!

    About the poems, I wrote about 10 of them in November (and got the ideas for a number of others.) The rest I've been writing "on the fly". I first came up with the central idea in very early November -- I guess this blog really needs an "About" page.

    I had originally planned a different (rather comedic) poem for today, but I couldn't post that and ignore the tragedy that had just happened. :(

  3. Brings tears every time I re-read it.